Pastors Oda and Kathy Shouse 

We are both Daviess County Kentucky natives and have lived in this area all our lives.  We were married on January 27, 1972, in Hardinsburg Kentucky, by Reverend Truman Johnson.  We have been in ministry of some kind for over 40 years.  We’ve pastored in a Christian Church, have opened and operated a mission, called “New Life Fellowship,” and have been in supportive roles under another ministry.


I grew up in a poor family, and Kathy grew up in a middle-income family just a few blocks from our church.  She was a hairdresser in Owensboro for 29 years, then finished her college degree and worked as a medical transcriptionist for 12 years.  I worked in building supply sales, was in department store middle management and have been a trim carpenter; I worked full time for years while also pastoring.


After I resigned from one ministry job, Kathy and I felt led to start a new ministry called “Relevant Faith Church,” in 1986, and are still pastoring there today.  Relevant Faith Church is an independent, nondenominational, Spirit-filled church.  We do our best to lead the church in a way that reflects our calling, and our burden for the unsaved, the backslidden, and those that have wandered away from the flock and are in danger of being ensnared by the devil.


We know that hurting people, people disappointed by a dysfunctional church or pastor, and people that have tentatively given up on the organized church, may still be interested in becoming part of a church body that is eager to embrace and affirm them without prejudice or condemnation. 


Due to our upbringing and Christian experiences, we as pastors and we as a church, welcome rich and poor, those in suits or in street clothes, well or sick, blended families and racially mixed families, people who are doing well, and those that are hurting.  We hope to be a church that “looks like” our community, and is able to speak to local needs and concerns.  We’re able to empathize and offer encouragement and counsel to those who are going through trying times. 


We don’t preach on money and we don’t pass an offering “plate,” we simply have a “slot” in a cabinet for those who desire to give to the Lord’s work.  We observe Holy Communion weekly, and try to allow the Holy Spirit time to minister in our worship and praise services.  We believe in supernatural healing, deliverance, and anointing with oil.  People may testify and may share specific needs for prayer.  These practices have been our emphasis from our initial service.


Pastor Kathy and I are here locally and are available if you would like to know more about our church.

God bless you in every way, every day!

                                                         In Christ, Pastor Oda